As one of the first companies to translate microbiome science into novel therapeutics, Second Genome is making breakthrough discoveries by focusing on how the microbiota interacts with itself and its human host to impact health and disease.

Recent scientific discoveries related to the microbiome are forcing the industry to rethink how changes in the microbiome influence human health. Research makes clear that changes in the microbiome can cause changes to human cellular activities that result in disease or contribute to its progression.

Second Genome has assembled a one-of-a-kind drug discovery platform that integrates microbiome and host biology for the identification of novel targets and drugs. This approach is based on understanding microbial community composition and its function in healthy and diseased conditions. Our powerful data analysis techniques enable the identification of microbes and microbial biomarkers that influence a given disease state. Combined with our expertise in drug development, our team has built the foundation for the rapid discovery of new therapeutic options for patients in a numerous microbiome-related diseases.

Second Genome’s microbiome modulating discovery platform allows us to generate and evaluate small molecules, peptide biologic and bacterial strains that modulate microbe-microbe and microbe-human interactions. By integrating our in vivo models with our in silico analyses we are able to understand how these compounds improve health and eliminate disease. These technologies allow our research team to identify key microbial community members, activities and metabolites, and assay for modulatory potential against host targets of interest. These capabilities combine to deliver a first-in-class discovery platform for unlocking the full therapeutic potential of the microbiome.